Affordable and Dependable Renewable Energy Systems for Nigeria

Terra Energy Services Limited offers clean, low-cost, dependable, efficient, and long-lasting renewable energy infrastructure and management solutions to businesses and communities.

We provide comprehensive services and high-quality products for the generation, transmission, distribution, and storage of solar, wind, hydro-power, ocean, geothermal, biomass, bio-fuels and bio-gas, hydrogen and fuel cells, and hybrid power.

Terra is dedicated to fusing the passion for agility, analytics, and action to provide comprehensive infrastructure management and asset lifecycle optimization services for small, medium, and large-scale facilities that produce and distribute energy from solar, wind, hydro-power, ocean wave (tidal), geothermal, biomass, bio-fuels and gas, fuel cells, and energy-mixed sources (hybrid power). Our solutions our clients with instant access to affordable electricity in both rural and urban areas..

Solar Products


Solar products including solar panels, solar heaters, solar lighting, solar generators and solar panel grid connection kits.

Fuel Cells


Membrane electrode assemblies, catalyst coated membranes, gas diffusion electrodes and other hydrogen and fuel cell related materials.

Wind Turbine Products


High quality wind turbines hubs, blades, power converters, controllers, electrical cabinets, generators, wind condition and control monitoring systems and analytics systems.

Batteries & Storage


Flooded lead acid, lithium ion, quantum, deep cycle and liquid metal batteries to deliver energy storage solutions for off-grid and hybrids with battery bank energy systems.

Hydroelectric Power Products


Turbines, magnet generators, cooling fans and several other parts and accessories for water, gas and belt driven applications .

Kits & Accessories


Solar panels and wind turbine kits, racking, mounting supplies, tools, electrical wiring, inverters, battery accessories, charge controllers.

Our Products

Terra offers reasonably priced products and services for energy systems that move, recover and store energy. We provide a diverse selection of low-cost, custom-designed products and equipment from the world’s most recognized and high-quality manufacturers.

Our solutions are made to fit the needs of clients in a wide range of industries and commercial organizations, such as utility companies, municipalities, hospitals, airports, universities, government agencies, and a wide range of other industrial and commercial institutions.

We use the most cutting-edge technology available to complete our projects while providing our clients with answers to their problems utilizing cutting-edge tools, technologies, and methods.



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